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🏳️ Welcome!

Amphora is a sanctuary, a safe space for everyone looking to get information about the dark web. Here you can find verified information about all the services we are aware of, such as marketplaces, forums and vendors.

⬇️ Look below for more information!

📰 Forums

Obtain valuable knowledge and communicate with like minded people.

🛒 Marketplaces

Shop through verified and trusted intermediaries via cryptocurrencies.

🪙 Cryptocurrency Services

Various services such as exchanges, swaps and escrows, at your disposal.

1️⃣ KYC Not Me

A simple and efficient platform compiling a list of trusted services that accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

4️⃣ Agora Desk

The best platform for people who want to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) through anonymous methods.

2️⃣ Local Monero

A stable and secure platform used by people who want to buy and sell Monero (XMR) through anonymous methods.

5️⃣ XChange Me

Service that offers a cryptocurrency swap that allows you to exchange coins through a fast automated process.

3️⃣ Fair Trade

A cryptocurrency escrow platform that accepts Monero (XMR) as payment, to protect both buyer and seller in transactions.

6️⃣ Infinity

Tor-only exchange that takes one cryptocurrency and outputs one or more cryptocurrencies. No user accounts, allowing to quickly exchange multiple assets.

📨 Jabber and Mail

Anonymous services providing Jabber (XMPP) and mail accounts for free, general use.

4️⃣ Danwin

A mail and XMPP server hosted by Daniel Winzen, a German web developer and system administrator.

2️⃣ Cock

"Yeah it's mail with cocks" is a statement given by the developers and maintainers of the site.

3️⃣ Titan

A service protecting your communications from hacking and surveillance through anonimity, encryption and fast speeds.

6️⃣ Rise Up

A service that provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change.

💬 Chats

Live chat sites for meeting people, making connections and having fun in a safe way.

1️⃣ Black Hat

A moderated, open chat for people passionate about cyber-security, with strict rules against illegal activities.

2️⃣ Dark Forest

A small and friendly chat community that offers many features such as playing chess with friends and other games.

3️⃣ Darksogs

Session open group project maintained by Kaizushi and KLOS hosting, hosting multiple dark web chats.

🗒️ Paste Bins

Paste bin sites that can be used to clandestinely share pieces of information anonymously.